Dropship Program

Do more business with less overhead. Fulfill products without actually having to stock merchandise.

You don’t warehouse anything, or ship anything. You simply place product information (images and descriptions) on your Internet site or auction, take orders, and email those orders to us. We ship the product to your customer’s door. You set your Retail Price, and pay us the Wholesale Price, making a profit every time.

No Sign Up Fee

No Handling Fee

No Membership Fee

No Minimum Order Required

How does it work?

You would take orders and payments for items sold on our web site. You will process the credit card and handle all customer service issues regarding the customer. You will forward the order to Bayside Brush Co. via email or fax. Please include the complete shipping address including the name of the recipient. (P.O. Boxes and RR #’s not accepted) Bayside Brush Co. will assemble and ship from our location directly to your customer, (your name or company name will be listed as the sender on the shipping label and no invoice or “packing slip” will be included with the package.) Once your package is shipped we will email you confirmation, a tracking number for your shipment and your credit card charges. We will charge your credit card with wholesale cost. The benefits?

No inventory cost to you.

No losses on unsold goods

No packing and shipping expenses

No warehouse costs

Your Cost: 30% off our suggested retail price.

Example Let’s say you purchase an item from Bayside Brush Co. for $28.00 (suggested retail price ($40) – 30% ($12)). You would sell that item for a price determined by you, let’s use $40.00 plus $4.50 shipping for an example. After you collect the payment of $44.50 from the customer and their mailing address, you would forward the $28.00 plus $4.50 shipping to the supplier, and keep the $12.00 as profit, never having to touch the Product, as the supplier ships it out to the customer.

How do I get started?

To set up an wholesale account with Bayside Brush Co. Print out, complete and fax or mail our Bayside Brush Co. Wholesale/Drop Shipping Contract. We will require to open an account a tax ID and a business license. We will review your contract and contact you whether or not you have been accepted into the program.

Wholesale/Drop Shipping Contract

Once you have been accepted into the program, You simply select which products you would like to offer and load them onto your site. You may “right click” your mouse pointer on our website pictures, a menu box will drop down. Select “save picture as” and save the picture to a folder on your computer’s C drive. You also can copy the descriptions on any text you can use from our site. Remember our suggested retail price is simply a suggestion. You will be charged the wholesale cost, plus shipping and taxes (if applicable). The price you charge for the products is solely at your discretion.

You will then begin receiving orders. More Questions?

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